Git Gud @ Sucking

Today I dived back into programming. I'm a beginner, so I often suck at what I'm trying to do. There is nothing more difficult than overcoming my own suckiness. But getting good at sucking is best thing you can do for yourself.

What does it mean to excel at sucking? It is to attempt something, suck at it, and learn from all the suck. I spent hours today learning how to do basic things with JavaScript; I wasn't a 1337 hacker; I sucked. But many of mistakes drove fundamental coding concepts into my brain which will help me down the road.

I may have sucked today, but I will suck a little less tomorrow. And after a week, I will suck even less. In less than a month, I imagine I'll be pretty okay. And before the year is out, I'll be spitting out JavaScript in my sleep. I'll git gud, but I'll have to go through a lot of suck to make it happen.

Without this mindset, perfectionism will petrify you. You'll worry so much about not being able to git gud, that you won't ever even be halfway decent. So git gud at sucking so you can git gud at life!

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