Marketing 101: Glossary

I spent three years in college and wrote an undergraduate paper on Patristic Pneumatology, so academic jargon does not bother me. However, it bothers others because it makes them feel stupid. I have gone to great pains to explain to people that not knowing what sitz im leben means does not make them stupid or inferior, but merely non-academic. They aren’t in that circle, that tribe, so they don’t know the lingo.

Still, jargon will intimidate most newcomers. After only a day of research, I have noticed that marketers love jargon even more than academics. So I am going to be creating a glossary of marketing terms and buzzwords that newbies like myself can reference when they feel overwhelmed.

I’ll be updating this post regularly until I git gud at sucking then git gud at programming and can move this project to so it can be more accessible.

If you think this is a good idea, hit the ❤ button! If you don’t, please take the time to tell me why in the comments below.