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YouTube wants to turn Thor fans into Neo-Nazis

It’s the only logical explanation for what I received when I googled Norse pronunciations.

The new Thor movie is out in the UK this week, hurrah! Naturally as a geek I started to think about the pronunciation of Thor and other legendary names in Old Norse, Swedish and other language. So I started googling. First, a charming video from a Swedish kid reading out the names of Odin, Thor et al. in her language:

Then a video from Dr. Jackson Crawford reciting the names in Old Norse:

The third video, which I will not link, read out Old Norse and Proto-Norse names. Then I noticed another video from the channel titled “Black propaganda.” Alarmed, I looked up the channel’s name and learned the uploader was a convicted murderer and white supremacist.

What on Midgard was YouTube doing, allowing videos from a fascist killer?

Should we ignore this? People asked this question about David Irving, a “historian” and Holocaust denier. Andrew Neil saw fit to make a deal with him in 1992 for a translation of Joseph Goebbels’ diaries. I’m not joking:

The world didn’t exactly benefit from Neil’s normalisation of Irving, and it would be years before the trial (depicted in the film Denial) that finally buried the anti-Semite’s career.

This is an ongoing failure by Google to stop the spread of Neo-Nazi poison online. Cry “free speech” if you want, but Nazis are the exception that prove the rule, and Google have the right of refusal. I was critical for years that they allowed Stormfront and other anti-Semitic trash in their results, as it proved they preferred the bottom line to doing no evil. YouTube is not a pornographic site, and likewise they can choose not to be a Neo-Nazi site. I got this video as a SafeSearch user no less: why are children, Thor’s target audience, not being protected from this?

It’s been a stressful year for normal decent people who want Nazis to remain dead. Let’s end on a happier note with a reminder of that bit where Thor casually blows up a HYDRA tank by striking Captain America’s shield: