It’s Not Okay to Hate Hillary Clinton
Jennifer Hoelzer

Alrighty then….

As my name no doubt gives away, I am no fan on Hillary Clinton. I have a few rebuttals of your points.

  1. Hillary Clinton is corrupt. Say what you are going to say, call me ignorant, but anyone everyday American (Without political connections) who did what she did on that email server would be rotting in a federal penitentiary.
  2. Would Hillary have gone to war if she were president? Yes. I find it hilarious you accuse people of listening to lies about Hillary, and then shortly thereafter accuse George Bush of things you have no proof of.

Here’s the thing-Neither you nor I know the heart of Hillary Clinton. Is hating her wrong? Yes. Is hating her justified in many ways? Yes. For all the good things she’s done, Hillary has so many instances of shady dealings as to render her “corrupt” in the view of many Americans. She is no saint.

And true, neither are you, and neither am I. But I think we can do alot better for our President.

As a side note, please stop accusing the people who don’t like Hillary of being sexist. It’s a straw man argument that stifles free speech.

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