Colin Kaepernick and What It Means To Be Patriotic In Schools
Jose Vilson

Hmm. A new topic.

I understand what Kaepernick did — he believes in something strongly enough he cannot honor a flag he believes does not stand for what is good. And I want this clear before I bring my counter-argument.

Patriotism means so many different things to different people. To some of us, the idea of honor our country is abhorrent because we do not feel our country deserves to be honored. To others, myself included, we feel our country and our freedoms to be an incredible blessing, which we seek to honor whenever we can.

Colin Kaepernick is one hundred percent allowed in protesting the flag. He, like all US citizens, has the right to free speech. But what he did is not just refusing to honor the flag, at least to some of us. (Yes, those football watching, white, conservatives). You see, men throughout the last 240 years have given their life for that flag, believing America does stand for something honorable-the right of each citizen to speak his mind. So to us, Kaepernick’s protest is not some noble stand against injustices-it’s a complete disregard for the men and women who gave their life to protect your right to make millions of dollars for playing a game for one hour each week. I am not saying that is Kaepernick’s intentions, but that is how it can come off.

You see, as much as there are conservatives within the US who hold to their unapologetic view of american history, the public school system teaches something else. Try finding any state school that teaches a conservative worldview-no, they teach a liberal view. America did this. America did that. White people are the problem with humanity. Anyone who believes in a loving God is a braindead moron. By no means is America perfect. But show me a country that is not stained with blood and darkness.

For all the mistakes and evil in this country’s past, I love America. I believe America to be the greatest nation on earth. Like every nation, we have deep flaws, and terrible atrocities committed in our past. Teaching children the darkness of American history without the hope and idealism robs America of everything-more than that, it robs every man and woman who gave their life for our great republic. Who gave their lives for the idea of our republic.

Darkness will always be in our country, darkness will be always be in every country. Racism, bigotry, elitism, they will always haunt us. But we must never let the idealism of our country die. Because when it does, people like Colin Kaepernick will have much, much more to protest about. But instead of losing a few endorsements, they will lose their life.

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