On Team Sports and Politics
Glenn Beck

Well written article. A few points……

First off, all people should root for at least one sports team. Its good for you. (My beloved Michigan Wolverines are finally a good football team, I’ve endured bad Michigan squads since I became a fan in ‘07..)

I digress. The point is, your analogy rings true. The Republicans are my team, and I will always root for them in some way. But to continue with this example…..

After 2007, (Lloyd Carr just retired) Michigan hired a new coach-Rich Rodriguez. Rich Rod brought a new system, and new ideas, to Michigan Football. His system was completely different than the type of football that created the Michigan Football Heritage I loved. He went 3–9, 5–7, and 7–6. For perspective, Michigan is the winningest program in all of college football. Eventually, the university fired him, and eventually brought in our current coach, Jim Harbaugh.

This is exactly where I am at with the Republican Party. They have been my team, but they have a new head, and unless the ultimately reject him, he will turn my team into something I no longer recognize. I want to be loyal to my team, but they have to reject this new coach for me to start yelling for they victory and crying at their losses.

Thank you, Glenn Beck. Few things are better than sports analogies.