June: It’s the Halftime report. Time to huddle up!

Our point of reference for “half time” drifts to a sports game…and halfway through the game all play stops, the team comes off the field and goes into the locker room. Most players change clothes, shoes, take a quick shower. Some may grab something to drink or eat to keep their energy up. But after all of the initial commotion stops..its time to huddle up and the coach has the floor. The coach goes over what went well, what went wrong and what the strategy the team will use to work toward victory.

Time to huddle up. Even if its a meeting of ONE.

Its June and just about half of the year has past. Summertime is finally here and the sunshine, cool breezes and holidays bring about looser schedules..lazy afternoons, and vacations. Nothing is wrong with any of that except that by the time you get your footing again the kids are back in school, its mid September and in three months the year will be over and very few if any of your annual goals have been met.

BE HONEST. It makes no sense to lie to YOU

It’s time to pull the Vision Boards back out. If you took the time to do one, you should at LEAST use it as a catalyst to see where you are. Go over the plays again and do an assessment.

Every year around mid-year I have learned to huddle up. I come off the field (take a few days off work..or plan a long weekend)..change clothes (no suits, pantyhose or pumps) nourish myself inwardly and then prepare to listen to the coach. For me it ranges from the spiritual, meaning time with God and goes all the way to the natural meaning my time with my mentor and members of my actual and virtual board of directors.

It is time to be honest about what I have done well and applaud myself for it. BUT I also need to assess what I have not done so well and adjust where necessary. I make note of tasks that move me forward easily (low hanging fruit) and tasks that will take more strategic planning and development. I also review and determine if there is more I can take on or if in fact, there is something I need to let go.
 This process rejuvenates a sports team and you see them come back out on the field like they have a plan and a renewed sense of purpose! This process should do the same thing for you and your business. 5 Step Summary:

WRITE IT DOWN. Goals in your head will remain there. Put your plan on paper.

· Take a time-out. Huddle up. Plan the time to withdraw and actually do it. (Program your social media in advance, put an auto-response on your email, block the time on the calendar and put your phone on MUTE.)
· BE HONEST. It makes no sense to lie to YOU. If you have fallen short this year, admit it and move on. There are 6 months left. Capitalize the time you have and PUSH.
· Listen to your teachers, mentors, coaches, consultants. (Even if that means several You-Tube University sessions with renowned thought leaders)
· Check in with those that are working alongside you. (Who is on your team, do they know what needs to be done and are they clear on their role in helping you)
· Partner up with someone that is working on similar tasks and become support for one another.

Don’t let the rest of this year just “happen” to you. Its half time…and its time huddle up…take stock and plan out the rest of your year so you can live these next six months on purpose, with purpose.

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Camille D. Jamerson is a global speaker, author & entrepreneur. She is the Senior Consultant and CEO of CDJ & Associates a boutique management consulting firm. As a former AA, EA, Chief of Staff and Head of Global Offices she lends her years of experience and expertise as the founder and admin of the LinkedIN Chief of Staff-The New C-Suite Leader group.

Her amazing assistant, Reema handles her wacky calendar and about 76–94% of the rest of her life as well. Reema can be reached at info@cdjandassociates.com to book CDJ for consulting or as a speaker for your next event, conference or workshop!

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