Author & CEO Camille D. Jamerson vies for $100,000 on Prime Time TV

Native Detroiter and Oakland County resident Camille D. Jamerson, CEO of CDJ & Associates stars on ABC’s Emmy award winning reboot of the $100,000 Pyramid game show with host Pro Hall of Famer and TV Personality Michael Strahan

Detroit, MI — CDJ & Associates is pleased to announce that Metro Detroiters will get to see one of their own battle against the clock on ABC’s dynamic reboot of the 100,000 Pyramid. CEO and renowned global conference speaker, Camille D. Jamerson will be gracing the TV screen in an episode airing August 21st, 2016.

From the ABC show website: “The Emmy Award-winning pop-culture phenomenon is re-imagined and better than ever! Hosted by Pro Football Hall of Famer and celebrated TV personality Michael Strahan, every episode will have 100 grand up for grabs. The hottest stars will team up with players from across the country to take on the timeless war of words, racing against the clock to give and guess clues in one of TV’s all-time great word-association games.”

Ms. Jamerson who is a Business Management consultant specializing in branding, content development, events and strategy & crisis management was chosen to be a contestant earlier this year. This spring, she traveled to the ABC studios in NYC to tape a round of the phenomenal show once hosted by such greats as Dick Clark!

When asked about what the experience was like she stated “I was in awe for most of it. You sit there on the set, see the camera, studio audience, lights, and the celebrities and think…is this REALLY happening?”

It was also just recently announced that Pyramid was picked up for a second season. “To think that I had a tiny piece to do with the show’s success is so rewarding. I want us [our season] to get an Emmy. Its’ weird how you feel a sense of camaraderie and devotion to those you worked with to make such a rewarding experience happen on both sides. It was truly a win-win.” Camille continued.

Although Ms. Jamerson cannot disclose the outcome of her episode — not even to her closest friends and family, she contends that win or lose the show is just great TV. She says it’s intense, but entertaining and unpredictable. “With this season of heaviness that our nation is enduring, game shows and the like are gracious temporary escapes to allow your mind to drift and your heart to laugh and enjoy life! I had a magnificent time, says Ms. Jamerson. I am thinking about having a viewing party just to celebrate the experience.”

For more information about Ms. Jamerson, please visit her website at or call the office at 401.402.0754. The episode will be aired on August 21st, 2016. Please check your local listings for times and stations. Or visit the shows website via ABC at