3 Reasons Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Sucks
Jenny Tang

Wow! This is really just hate for the sake of hate. It’s totally fair to not like the story or the characters or what, but this is just stupid. Especially the whole “Scorbus” hate. I thought that it was so amazing to see a friendship between two boys that were so close without being a couple. Especially from Scorpius side. He had always been lonely and let’s face it, he is a weird kid. I think it such a logical friendship for them. They’re both from tough families.

I will say that I do agree in that the whole “Scorpius is in love with Rose” thing is a big “no homo” fist.

Also, saying that The Cursed Child is bad writing is really misunderstood. Maybe you didn’t like it, but it’s actually very well written! Especially when you think about it’s a script, not a book.

Besides I don’t think it fair to judge a script so hard when you haven’t even seen the play! Like seriously! The script needs details you only will get from actually watching the play!

I’m just going to repeat and say, it’s totally fair to not like the story. I just find these reasons really dump to be honest😁

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