An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

I can understand your rationale but that’s all it adds up to be, Mr. Liu. Pokevision did offer more than was ever given in the Pokèmon Go app. That is reason enough to have it shut down. Think of things this way… If tracking of Pokèmon was only how it is now, just showing the 9 nearest, instead of showing a vague indication of how far they were compared to each other when it first launched, how many people would be complaining about finding Pokèmon this way? Not nearly as many as they are now, and the player base would have been much happier when the footprint method would have been implemented. Granted, that’s not what happened, and Niantic didn’t foresee the footprint method getting bugged, but I still have faith that they will restore it to what it once was when it first launched out of beta, and maybe, just maybe, give them some ideas on what they could do to enhance tracking in the future. I think it’s just too early to be so harsh on a company that I believe is not only doing it’s best, but has so much potential. One thing I think we would all benefit from is an Ingress style ‘Intel Map’ for Pokemon Go, showing where portals, gyms, and the current status of gyms are, as well as maybe a way to know what kind of Pokèmon friends (whenever that may be implemented) are finding out in the field. Maybe, just maybe you could think along those lines and work side by side with Niantic instead of trying to run ahead of what Niantic intends for the game.

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