Using no Backend? Here is how you can save on hosting. 😎

GoDaddy’s initial $1 to start seems appealing 🤡 , however imagine dealing with multiple websites 🤕 . Sapphire is a multi-website server solution with a fixed price of $4 per month after trial. Sapphire will host your websites in seconds, while giving you full access to edit it.

Sapphire organizes your web resources in a different manner, believed to improve your response with changes 🚀.

Easy Handoffs — 📦 Bundles

To add a new website to sapphire, package your website into a zip and upload it to Sapphire. You may also select a 🤖 google drive folder with your website in it. Once your website is processed, you may then set a domain name for your new website.


Sapphire has the tools your developer needs to update your website. Sapphire supports editing HTML directly in browser. To boost productivity, the HTML editor is equipped with HTML syntax correction, autocompletion as well as syntax formatting 🍕. Sapphire also manages javascript libraries to simplify inserting new plugins. Once a javascript file is uploaded, it is propagated throughout your website.


Sapphire boasts a live html editor. The editor can modify the existing components on your page. View the page as it is live, and then use the Sapphire toolbar to make changes. Feel free to update your hours, website texts, images, buttons and many more website components.

Last note on Bundle hosting

Sapphire may be your solution if your hosting multiple websites. Make each handoff process simpler by adopting a 📦 bundle hosting solution. Try Sapphire today… its free.