Question1️⃣: How to log in CEBG game

  1. Be sure you get the latest 1.0.2 version of the game from
  2. Update your Metamask to the latest version. (Other wallets are the same.)
  3. Be sure to switch the blockchain you are using to the KCC network. For Metamask, click the chain button on top of the wallet.
  4. Keep your wallet open, then open the game.
  5. Click the login button.
  6. It will lead you to the wallet. And first pop-up asks you to link your wallet to the game. Choose to confirm.
  7. There should be a second pop-up for signature confirmation. If not, see step 8.
  8. Switch back to the game manually. There should be a pop-up telling you to come back to the wallet. Choose your wallet again.
  9. Approve the signature in your wallet.
  10. Back to the game. You are in, soldier!

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A real-time RPG game. The battles are fierce, build the most powerful soldiers to conquer the fight your enemy and earn BEC rewards.