Broken Bow’s ALCO property sells locally

BROKEN BOW, NE — New development is about to take place in Broken Bow, as local business owners, Kevin and Joyce Richardson, and Ron and Cheri Chytka have joined forces to purchase the ALCO property on the east side of Broken Bow.

Local business owners, Kevin and Joyce Richardson, and Ron and Cheri Chytka pictured above, are the new owners of the ALCO property in Broken Bow. They see the property as a wonderful opportunity to grow their dreams.

Dreams are in place — and the Richardsons and Chytkas say the purchase of the property puts them into a position to act on their dreams. The Richardsons closed on the property the end of June, and the two families are working on the final details of the lot split. The plan is for the Chytkas to purchase the building and part of the property from the Richardsons when the legal paperwork is complete, including getting an OK from the Broken Bow City Council.

For Kevin and Joyce, it means they have secured the necessary parking for their employees and customers at Runza, but equally important this gives them the ground for future development if they decide to expand or build.

For Ron and Cheri, it provides the space to grow, expand and dream for their business Bow Family Furniture & Flooring.

“We want to create a destination that people will drive specifically for,” said Cheri of their dream. They will be keeping the downtown store open, and expanding the furniture lines they offer into the new space.

“We are literally bursting at the seams. We have warehouses full of furniture we aren’t able to display, and lines we would like to add,” said Ron.

“We would like to showcase entire rooms, not just a couch or a chair,” said Cheri. “And to be able to showcase on one level, now that’s going to be nice.”

They will be reworking the entire showroom space and adding signage out front, but looking at the amount of work that needs done, it will have to be completed in stages. Right now it is still early in the design process.

Ron and Cheri won’t be working the project alone — their three children, Amanda (Klemke), Samantha and Collin have returned home and have gone into business with their parents. This will be a family project.

“They are all dreamers and are already doing a lot of the work,” said Cheri. “This is something that is good for our family, but we also hope that it is good for the future of Broken Bow.”

The families see the working partnership being created between Runza and Bow Family Furniture & Flooring as a win-win for each of their businesses.

“We hope those who park and head to Runza will take a moment to look in the window of the furniture store, and as we show furniture and people want to take a moment to think about things, we hope they go next door and get a bite to eat,” said Cheri, adding that she is grateful that the Custer Economic Development office brought the two families together.

“This is exciting. Here is a building that went empty at the end of 2014, much to the shock of the community as ALCO went into bankruptcy. There have been a number of people who have taken the time to look, including an out of town developer or two; and at the same time I had the Richardsons in my office talking about the property, and the Chytkas,” explained CEDC Executive Director Deb McCaslin, “Once each of the families gave me permission to share their names with each other, magical things started to happen. They keep trying to credit the CEDC, but the credit goes to two fine business families, the Richardsons and the Chytkas, who grabbed onto their entrepreneurial spirit and put their hard earned money and energies on the line to take a chance on their dreams.”

For more information contact Deb McCaslin at, or 308–870–5012.

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