Make Grinding a Lifestyle, Not Just a Goal

So you put in a little work and you feel like you’ve made it, you’ve arrived, that you could rest now. Nope…not exactly and the truth is, the moment you start believing you’re successful enough to rest on laurels, you’re in trouble. If this is your mindset you have actually put a lid on your growth. In the Bible, Solomon wrote “Do you know a hard-working man? He shall be successful and stand before kings!” Success is always a possibility, but never a guarantee, because the grind doesn’t stop. Success comes in levels and it belongs to the man or woman who’s willing to show up early, stay late, go the extra mile, and keep asking, “Is there a better way?” Decide what you want, then stick with it. Don’t get to a place where you become complacent, for I know that complacency can become your tragedy.

Furthermore, never deviate from your course no matter how long it takes or how hard the road is, it’s absolutely necessary to accomplish your purpose. Successful people have one thing in common: They refuse to quit! No matter how many times they fall, they get back up, dust themselves off, learn from it and start over. The Bible says, “To win…you must deny yourselves things that keep you from doing your best” It starts in the mind, that’s where victory is won or lost, so my advice to you is to let your mind be made up and continue to push towards victory. Do not be deceived, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

Thanks for reading,
Historian Derrick (CEO) Caples