From Slavery to Humanity

To endure slavery from 1619–1865, in which slave codes turned to black codes followed by Jim Crow Laws, and now mass incarceration, it still cannot wipe away the memory of Nat Turner, Martin Delany, and Marcus Garvey. To persist through second class citizenship and cruel treatment, how did the black man keep his strength? The strength and resilience for withstanding the vast intimidation of the Ku Klux Klan with their deliberate denial of social, political, and economic rights. Although phased but yet unyielding to continuous progress. How is it that after all this country has done to oppress Blacks and they’re still able to produce a Carter G Woodson, a Thurgood Marshall, a Malcolm X, a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a Dr. Sebi? How is it that the black man continues to gather strength after being physically damaged and mentally traumatized? This country has tried castration, lynching, and brainwashing through mis-educating to keep Blacks 100 years behind. With the mental and physical abuse Blacks are wearing the burdens with everything that is negative. All of social pathology is afflicted on Blacks, (low income houses, poverty, EBT, welfare, dysfunctional families, no ownership of businesses, little to no opportunities, failing school systems, lazy students, and high unemployment) These are negative impacts that Blacks deal with daily. Furthermore, this country has taught Blacks to hate the skin they’re in, to hate others that look like them and to look at their self through the awfully tainted eyeglasses of white lies; but still in all, they keep breaking out of the prisons they’re put in. They break out as a W.E.B. Du Bois and a Booker T. Washington. They break out as a Stokely Carmichael and a Dr. Frances Cress Welsing; they break out as an Attorney- Johnnie Cochran and a President-Barack Obama; they break out as a Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Walter Payton, or Langston Hughes. After all the involuntary servitude, denials and deliberate setbacks, it makes them wonder….where did these black men get all there strength? Although they attempted to break the symbol of his strength they could never break the source of his strength…. (His faith).

Thanks for reading,

Historian Derrick (CEO) Caples

My Book “America As I See It” Available 2017