Who’s the Next President and Why?: Written By Derrick (CEO) Caples

Right now, as of October, polls suggest that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election, but I think Donald Trump actually has a much better chance of winning than most people seem to think. Though I think Donald Trump would be a truly terrible president, he’s getting a lot of support because he is tapping into fears held by the whites that are genuine. The fears about income inequality, jobs and non-affordable housing could be real scary and therefore he’s appealing to their comfort. More so the fear of large scale immigration of people from a different culture putting at risk an existing culture that many people value. Trump has clearly stated if he wins he’s building a wall to keep Mexicans out…. He just might do it. To diffuse these fears, Hillary Clinton needs to convince Americans that she really does care about their concerns, but her cautious approach to the media has prevented her from getting that message across. Donald Trump has shown that in the new media world, the best way to reach voters is via the media, rather than via advertising. He’s very strategic, taking a page out of Robert Greens’ 48 Laws of Power (Garden attention at all cost) and its working. Because Trump knows that the media feeds off messages that are controversial, he takes advantage of it. Trump is reckless with his words, while Hillary Clinton has taken a “play it safe” approach in what she says, which means that the media rarely quotes her and few people know what she thinks. Hillary’s failure to tell people who she is has allowed Donald Trump to define her by caricature (exaggerated foolish way).

Since Hillary rarely says anything controversial enough to get quoted, the only information people have about her are the misleading claims made by her opponents. This has created a false impression that Hillary Clinton is dishonest and really doesn’t care. Trump is a master salesman, besides we knew him as a business person before becoming a candidate and now he is using the same skills to sell his presidency. In all cases, Trump is able to convince people that he has the product to solve all their problems. So long as Trump is able to stoke up fears about (real or imagined) problems, and convince people that he has solutions, there is a real risk that he could win — even if his promised solutions are make-believe. Democrats are being lulled into a false sense of security by the same experts who thought Trump had no chance of winning the GOP (Grand Old Party) primary. Trump is running to win, not to govern, and definitely not to serve the interests of his party. This has caused him to run a very different kind of campaign, which analysts fail to properly understand. In addition, the fact that Trump is so divisive means that it’s likely that many people who plan to vote for Trump are unwilling to say that to a pollster. What makes Trump so dangerous is that he isn’t actually running because he wants to “Make America great again”, but simply because he wants to win. This means that he is prepared to do things that a more conventional candidate would not be prepared to do if it increases his chance of winning — such as stoking up irrational anger, claiming to have solutions that he knows have no realistic chance of succeeding, and blatantly lying. Who knows what Trump would do if he actually win, and for that reason it makes him a very risky candidate to campaign against. Not saying that Trump will win, but this is America and anything is possible.

Thanks for reading,

Historian Derrick (CEO) Caples