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“” I find the persistent praise of my work from conservatives funny.””

I’m more like a libertarian, but i find your work interesting reading, and have congratulated you on it in the past. And I’m aware that your recommendations, were they adopted, would likely aid the political ambitions of the left, which i generally oppose.

Its not because i enjoy hearing you browbeat other lefties (which is what i expect some proper-Conservatives might) Its because i appreciate honest, clear-headed dialogue, even when i disagree with it. Don’t know why you’d be surprised by this or think it funny, unless you assume intellectual-cloistering is supposed to be the normal state of affairs.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old-saw (slightly modified):

“The right sees the left as willfully ignorant; the left sees the right as evil”

One can debate how true this is. But i do think it might be a source of some of your current frustration. Because why would anyone want to persuade the “evil”? Until your peers learn to respect the moral equivalence of those they disagree with, they can’t help but lecture and sneer.

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