Ember Player Profiles: Contractz

There’s one word that comes up time and time again when Juan “Contractz” Garcia is mentioned: potential. The young solo queue star is considered to be one of North America’s most promising young talents. Whether it’s boasting a high ranking in solo queue, or killer performances on the Rift, the jungler is quickly proving that he’s worth all of the hype. After watching the rest of Ember take the LCS stage to sub for Echo Fox, Contractz is eager to prove he belongs up in the spotlight with the rest of his team.

Contractz comes from Redwood City, California. When he started playing League in early Season 2, he had no idea what would come next. He was just one of the many casual players who treated it as a hobby. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,” Contractz said about his early games. “I just played it for fun.”

After a few years of treating it as just a game, Contractz realized that he had the ability to go farther. “I hit Challenger in Season 5 and I quickly realized I could try to go competitive.” Despite his age, he showed a passion for the game that was unparalleled. He played with Zenith eSports, and participated in the HTC Ascension tournament. His performance built enough buzz that when he left, he was able to entertain offers. One of them was from Team Ember — and the rest is history.

There are countless young players who ended up going nowhere, but Contractz is confident he won’t be among them. “My competitiveness and drive to be the best is what makes me want to play competitively.” he says. He’s still too young to play in the LCS, but he refuses to let that get him down: “It still motivates me to try the hardest I can to be on the stage one day.” The infrastructure and professional environment of Ember is helping Contractz channel that competitive nature into professional success.

When it comes to playing on the Rift, Contractz is ready to learn and work with his team. “Goldenglue and Solo tend to have the biggest voices when it comes to making plays and shotcalling. I’m definitely one to listen more.”

The jungler is young and skilled, but he remains humble. “I don’t think I have too many fans, but I’m very grateful for the ones I do have.” As for his long-term goals? “I’m going to try my hardest to get my team to the finals in playoffs, and once that’s achieved, its on them to make LCS. I strongly believe we’ll be able to make LCS this split.”

A team player through and through, Contractz acknowledges he won’t be able to join his team if that prediction comes true — he will still be too young. He’s planning to keep putting in the elbow grease. “I’m going to work towards LCS in 2017 and play another Split in Challenger. I will give it my all to be the best I can be.”