Fibonacci and Emini Futures Trading

If you read the Scientific Journal, you know there has been some violent discourse of late from some of the brightest minds in the field of Science. What’s the hubbub, Bub? Big Bang Theory.

No not the most popular show on TV, but the actual “pop goes the universe” theory. Now based on the name of both our radio show and our educational firm (Google — God Chasers and Emini Traders), CFRN - The Christian Financial Radio Network where we train Traders and Analysts how to do their jobs, 2 hours a day in Live Markets and then after a 30 minute break, come back and “Make Mock” of Wall Street in general from 12pm to 2pm EDT, every trading day. The other 22 hours a day we’ve been streaming the greatest teaching and preaching I could personally curate since 2005.

Now, one would suspect perhaps that based on the name of uur company and the majority of the content on our Radio Station, we would vehemently deny the #BigBangTheory . Far from it! In Genesis, it clearly states that God took the void and spoke the universe into existence. Only Guy that ever created nothing into something. I’m guesing He has a really deep voice and when He spoke, it made one hell’uva Big Bang. That’s my theory.

Check out this article — and the blow back that ensued from many of the scientific community. Did any of this high intellect discourse rattle my faith? How could it? Truth never changes. The facts may change, but truth never does. Has it? Never!

Fibonacci and Emini Futures Trading

Which brings me to the meat on the bone of this article. Is it Voodoo, Witchcraft, or Divine Origin. Being somewhat an expert on the matter, I can assure you with 100% confidence, “I don’t know”.

Not true, I know it’s not witchcraft or voodoo, what I do know is it is present in everything from a sea shell, to a beautiful face, a rose, a daisy, even your own DNA. Therefore, I’m handing this one to the Big Guy.

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I assure you that Fibonacci is not the Holy Grail, not the end all, be all, of Emini Futures Trading. However, I can equally assure you that it is one of the most powerful tools in the Indicator Set that comes along with your Emini Trading Platform for free. Of course you can buy the $10k Software (and many have), but find me even one Trader, who has used it to become consistenly profitable. You can’t. It draws pretty lines, but it doesn’t teach you how to trade. Only a Personal Mentor can do that.


Fibonacci Is Not a Stand-Alone Trading Methodology

While it is an incredibly powerful tool, used by everyone from Hedge Funds, to Banks, to Family Offices and even Retail Traders… trying to use it alone will blow up your account quicker than a 5 year old blows out his birthday candles. Combine it with what we teach, and you have something that will blow your hair back. Even a luxurious mane such as mine.

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What’s the catch? We don’t have catches. We’ve been in business well over a decade teaching ordinary people (like me), how to trade. If you’ve spent enough time and money to realize the gidgets, gadgets and crystal balls, simply don’t work, perhaps you’re actually ready to learn how to trade.

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I Read the Book, I Bought the Video
However, “When I go Long, the market still goes Short. Every stinking time”. Is that a coincidence? Is my office bugged? Are “they” out to get me and my 1 Contract? Frankly, NO. No offense, but the Market doesn’t know you and your one contract even exist.

“So what’s the problem?” Glad you asked. Somebody sold you some magic and magic doesn’t work. Ask Jack, he has the beans to prove it. You can buy every Indicator and Oscillator that comes on the market, but until you get a Personal Mentor who will commit to Teaching You How To Trade, I’m sorry… you will never succeed. Not no way, not no how.

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