One Voice

Black, White, Yellow, Brown

How quickly a smile turns to a frown

An inspired mind with a divine heart

Listen to this rhythmic sound…

Poem by CFred

Tired of lies

Tired of cries

So much hate in the world is what I despise

The world exists through a big misconception

Since we’ve been raised by deception

In a family of oppression

Dictated by transgression

Filled with prejudice and negligence

Of sorrow that we borrowed

From the tears of sufferance

When will the world open its eyes

And diminish the lies

So we may learn to be color blind

To the essence of skin

Since we are all related and kin

Now we must unite and win

This battle of eternal truth

Yet people filled with emotions

From certain notions

Of high proportion

In a world of commotion

What is this world coming to?

Or is this world coming at all?

Set back by personal ambition

Filled with unpayable debt and greed

Overlooking the majestic seed

That is capable of opening our hearts and minds

So you read between the lines

To discover the true meaning behind this rhyme

The seed is already planted

It’s up to you for it to grow

Let it depict the soul the Universe has crafted

And blossom to the potential we all know

While faith, you should not leave to despair

A clear conscious we must yearn to desire

The burden of discomfort we must endure to bare

While self-motivation is our internal fire