Rock & Roll Lives

(I think. I hope.)

I was going down the queueing rabbit hole on Spotify the other night when I noticed a music lesson staring me in the face.

To see the “lesson” I at least felt I experienced, listen to the following playlist in its entirety. (Ok, so I just finished a hot Netflix series, begrudge me the rhetorical latitude — no other deeper reference than that)

I’ll wait 😀

It’s tracks listed individually, with release date:

Girl from the North Country ‘63

Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

Little Wing ‘67

Jimi Hendrix

Ramble On ‘69

Led Zeppelin

Heroes ‘77

David Bowie

Darklands ‘87

Jesus & Mary Chain

Let Down ‘97


With respectful homage to the true godfathers of Rock & Roll, like Jackie Breston, Chubby Checker, Chuck Berry, my personal preferences just begin with Dylan & Cash — no judgement of who’s more worthy.

Regardless, there were a few lessons I took away from this playlist exploration.

Rock & Roll has survived for 70+ years, depending on where the starting line is placed by critic and fan alike.

But, there are constants:

  • If you like one of the songs on the playlist, there’s a very high likelihood you’ll like all of them.
  • Equally, they are all relevant (forward & backward, chronologically) — regardless of their decade.
  • Each artist (every bit IMHO), informed their respective decades on how to do it just every so slightly differently.

That’s the beauty of Rock & Roll — and quality, original music:

  • It’s ever-enduring
  • It’s ever-relevant
  • It’s everyoung

What keeps me up at 12:45am, still writing this is — I don’t see who’s next.

Again, IMHO. Either because I’ve genuinely lost touch, which is devastating to think; or another artist has yet to pick up the torch.

It’s not just about being a great band or artist, but about being one that puts a well-deserved dent in Rock & Roll for future decades. That’s what I’m looking for.


Caveat: There are many other artists that could (and should) have been on this list. This was my choice today. I’m sure I’d listen otherwise on another day.