What We’re List, Episode 20

The What We’re is a segment on the Chicago Gametrepreneur show where Kee-Won Hong, Rob Lockhart and our guest share What We’re reading, watching, playing or listening to for entertainment, education or inspiration. Here’s the list for episode 20 with guest Benedict Fritz:

Last Chance to See (book), Douglas Adams (recommended by Rob Lockhart)

Revisionist History (podcast), Malcolm Gladwell (recommended by Kee-Won Hong)

Overwatch (game), Blizzard Entertainment (recommended by Benedict Fritz)

Hatching Twitter (book), Nick Bilton (recommended by Benedict Fritz)

All or nothing (video series), Amazon Video (recommended by Benedict Fritz)

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Angela Lee Duckworth (recommended by Kee-Won Hong)

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