Can’t Go Home Again
Steve Lickteig

Sadly, I think Americans are too black and white in their viewpoint and cannot see grey or evaluate shades of grey. Comedy is funny when it is a pie in the face but satire is a lost art.

Trump is shades of grey and so is Clinton. Women liked ‘A woman in the White house’ and voted for her for that reason, overlooking the ‘Pay to play’ as ‘a woman’ was more important to them.

Trump is more honest than Hilary BUT he’s a sexist/racist.

You pick the candidate who shares more characteristics with you than ‘the other’ who shares less. We all want to be included in the group of like minded people rather than an outcast.

If you drink beer and I hate alcohol, that will alter the ‘similarities’ we share. It’s priorities because nobody is a perfect match to our outlook on life. Can I tolerate you drinking or not? If not, we become strangers not friends.

Part 2. Trump wanted attention and, a provocative headline does that. He employs Mexicans, gets his suits made in Mexico, so threatening them was just an attention seeking headline. Also, do not forget that the major mainstream media were pro Hillary and against Trump, so they chose the pictures and words to suit their viewpoint. Like the Obama meeting pictures — nobody posted the smiling ones because that goes against the agenda they are pushing. So what you read is not necessarily the truth.

Like your world view expanding — there are compromises. Trump’s honesty compared to Hillary’s and including the disenfranchised were the keys. Hillary stands for the status quo that the masses have had enough of. The rich got richer and everyone else got poor. Philippines — the same, Brexit etc.

The cry babies and paid protesters, like Wall Street and K street, are annoyed that reality has caught up. Iceland imprisoned bankers, the French had a revolution. The established order is over as it only helped the 1%. Of course the 1% are upset that the game is over. The 99% want hope that life will get better. Trump offered hope. Will he succeed?who knows, but change for the better is coming worldwide as the corrupt are ousted. Duterte will not talk to the newspapers as they (like the WSJ and CNN) are so blatantly dishonest and biased. He too used social media to reach the disenfranchised. He is making serious efforts to improve the lot of the ‘common man’. Any improvement on endless war and corruption is an improvement. War makes money and 90% of the arms manufacturers gave Hillary money to keep the gravy train rolling. Trump wants civilised discourse with Russia so we all live in peace and stop war. If peace comes at the price of being called a racist redneck — so be it. All for the greater good.

Ford trucks are not going to be made in Mexico now but in USA. 1000 new jobs already by strong arming Ford. The gains outweigh the price.