I decided to choose the technique ‘A contemporary building that host a series of hyper-contemporary activities and subjects’ with influence from Iwan Baan’s architectural photography. Unlike many architectural photographers, he does not only focus on the structure itself but prefers to include people going about their daily lives. The person may just be walking by or someone who participates in hyper-contemporary activities within the structure itself, either way I really enjoy this natural, candid style as I feel more immersed in the photographs, as if I were standing there myself observing the daily happenings of the building and it’s environment. So I walked around Sydney in areas near UTS and stumbled upon an interestingly designed building (compared to the majority of Sydney anyways). Standing out from all the concrete blocks of the CBD, was Commonwealth Bank Place.

Commonwealth Bank Place in Sydney

I composed the photograph in this particular way as it really captured the curve of the building in a way that had the foremost windows showing the office workers within blending into the middle reflective windows showing the cityscape behind. I was able to capture both the hyper-contemporary activities and subjects within and also the outside world to emphasize the busyness of the CBD environment. I felt Iwan Baan’s work was a great match with my photograph as he has shots of similarly shaped and reflective buildings portraying people in those environments.

The Blavatnik School of Government designed by Herzog and de Meuron

The building is much alike the one that I took a photo of and the windows also either reflect the outside world or show you the interior depending on where you are standing. The inclusion of the road in both our photographs really integrate the surrounding environments into the shot.

The following photos also display buildings with reflective aspects that allow the structure, the people around and the surroundings to be viewed as one.

Vakko Fashion Center & Power Media Centre designed by REX Architecture
Taken from Iwan Baan’s Instagram, a photograph depicting a man having a cigarette alongside windows reflecting the surrounding city
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