Can Language Disappear With Artificial Intelligence

Just a few ideas that could provide the nascent for future innovation.


My definition of it is simple. The incessantly evolving sound based tool we use to communicate.

The Idea

From what I know of voice based artificial intelligence platforms I see the potential for the technology to break down language barriers. Specifically, with language based knowledge graphs, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning etc. speech conversion tech innovations will eventually convert a foreign language in real time. Picture a personal translator in the form of a special headphone. Though this idea might seem pedestrian, creating this technology requires quite a number of Phd’s with expertise in natural language processing (NLP), machine learning etc.

Business Impact

The implication of this technology on the business landscape would be massive. Large conglomerates that operate in a quickening global market will buy into this technology almost immediately. Effective business communication is an essential component to any company’s success and just improving that by breaking down language barriers could lead to millions is saving — saving driven by lowering the risks associated with communication shortfalls in global project teams.

Social Impact

As the world transforms and technology is slowly disseminating amongst all facets of society, cultures merge. When AI technologies eliminate the language barrier cultural integration will be more pervasive across the world. Instead of migrating to a country of your native language (Eg. English) you can take a chance at Brazil, Japan or China. This becomes an enabler for people who seek opportunities in foreign countries and it will set the precedent for even more remarkable innovations around cultural integration across the world. The world will never be the same again once this technology becomes ubiquitous.


For people from non-English/Spanish speaking countries, the barriers around their education will be lifted. Allowing for easy access to the world’s ideas and knowledge. On the flip side ideas that were once withheld within cultures can be explored through simple conversation. The impact on education globally would be incredible.

Inevitably, using AI tech to make language invisible has the potential to transform our world. Seamlessly, cultures will begin to integrate and we will all speak the same language.