Life Is Beautiful: Day 43–2.0 (08/19/15) –Thank You Cartier For Giving Me Hope, And A Harsh Reality

“Three types of gold. Three symbolic colors: pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship.”

Pink, Yellow, White. Love, Fidelity, Friendship.

The ideal lies within. A double meaning of lies. Because you can’t find all three in reality can you? But it sits through the three layers of 18 carats. You can buy it, but you can’t have it.

Tell me this Cartier, why would you sell an 18-year-old boy a bracelet that resembles only the life of a perfect human when he himself isn’t perfect? Is what wraps around my wrist a lie, or a reminder that more is still out there?

Each carat in each ring resembles time. 18 years went by, and love was non-existent besides at home and from God. You sold me 18 carats of something that never came. Are you telling me I should move on to Fidelity? How can I without love?

I spent 711 dollars for Friendship? 54 Carats for Friendship?

Tell me more of what you mean by Friendship? If I couldn’t find Love, and without Love I don’t need Fidelity, then I worked my whole life for a Friendship I didn’t want?

If you see a green bracelet on my wrist with a trinity of circular rings, look with caution as you may also want one because of what it symbolizes.

Now what would artificial rose gold symbolize? What hope would it give me? None, so I bought Cartier.

My wrist for months now has been circled by a trinity of ideals, however my life is circled by a trinity of harsh realities.

Originally published at on August 19, 2015.

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