All of the Direct Shots in Taylor Swift’s New Video from the Eyes of a FIEND

The Snake Emoji plays a major role here.

Unless you have been living under a rock or are my boyfriend, you’re probably aware of the fact that Taylor Swift has major beef with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West and Katy Perry. You may not know why, which is fine because you’ll learn. Here are all of the direct jabs Taylor took at both Kimye and Katy Perry in her new music video, from the eyes of somebody who lives for this shit. I did no research, this is solely my opinion. Taylor has been silent while the entire world has been going down in flames, but she’s back now, and wants it to be known that while the world moves on, she never will. As my father said, “she should move on she is better than this petty shit.”

  1. “Here Lies Taylor Swift’s Reputation” tombstone: mocks the original “Here Lies Taylor Swift, Murdered by Kim Kardashian West” meme that went viral when Kim released the audio of Taylor approving the song.
  2. Tilted stage: Katy Perry & Kanye both had tilted stages on their tours. Could also be serious jab calling Kanye’s Floating Stage “tilted.”
  3. Perfect crime with diamonds in her mouth in a bathtub: she’s talking about what they did to her while mocking Kim’s robbery in Paris (jewels, bathtub).
  4. Said the gun was mine: recently on Carpool Karaoke, Katy Perry said Taylor started their fight.
  5. On a throne holding a teacup: a direct Get Out reference or she’s dumb AF.
  6. Snakes handing her the teacup: mocking Kim’s original tweet and also calling them snakes in general.
  7. Car crash with sexy paparazzi photo shoot: mocking the entire Kardashian West empire, implying they’ll do anything for attention. Meanwhile this bitch shut down a public beach in Rhode Island for herself.
  8. Car crash hair: From the front her hair looks like a pixie cut, making fun of Katy’s ugly pixie cut. Legit.
  9. Swinging in a cage: mocking Katy’s lion song “roar” but I feel like I am missing something here because she’s wearing an orange jumpsuit. Perhaps she’s suggesting Kimye ruined her rep and therefore put her in “jail” or Katy screwed her over by stealing her back up dancers (the original beef) and is enjoying the revenge, riding on a swing.
  10. Swing: did she beef with Miley Cyrus? Because Miley rode that wrecking ball. Who beefs with Miley tho lmao.
  11. Motorcycles: extra jab at Kim who was robbed by thieves on motorcycles.
  12. Mannequins/models: direct shot at Kanye’s fashion line and Yeezy models
  13. Strutting down the hall: mocking Kim’s fittings during the wedding episode of the show don’t TELL me you don’t see that.
  14. “Rep” bodysuit: straight up stole the Life of Pablo font (for all text involving this single, really.)
  15. Cross: Jesus Walks, anyone?
  16. Phone call to dead Taylor: the whole beef with Kimye started over a phone call where Kanye called Taylor and got her permission for the song. Now the old Taylor is dead and can’t come to the phone.
  17. Phone call to dead Taylor: My dad thinks she stole this from the Beatles Sergeant Peppers; agree to disagree.
  18. Dancers: the beef with Katy Perry culminates in this scene as Taylor nails some sexy ass choreography with amazing backup dancers. Look what you made her do, Katy!
  19. New Taylor: teacups and snakes. Get Out you interracial couple (if she doesn’t see this she is really really dumb like why the teacup?)
  20. “Receipts” Taylor: making fun of Kim for getting receipts on every piece of drama as a smart woman should.
  21. Kanye stole the mic Taylor: obvious shot at the #1 moment in VMA history when Kanye interrupted her acceptance speech and said Beyoncé should have won Video of the Year, which she should have. Taylor asks to be written out of this narrative. Well, ya can’t. 🤷🏼‍