CHRG Network had an opportunity to participate @ Hi-Tech fair China in Shenzhen on 14–18 November. This is one of the biggest fair in the region attracting participants from electronic industries from all over the world.

Besides of our participation @High Tech Fair we had 2 very productive weeks meeting with local entrepreneurs, institutions, investors and business partners.

Most interesting and inspiring part was a visit @BYD — second largest EV manufacturer in the world, which is also No 1 producer for electric bus.

CHRG Network participated @ Cryptorally2018 event in Lithuania.

Cryptorally — a brand new format of the event for techie people who are involved ICO (initial coin offering) projects. The goal of the event is to gather startups, investors and other stakeholders to spend a weekend together for the purpose of sharing knowledge and making new acquaintances — usual stuff. However, cryptorally girls (founders) Agne Kazakauskaite and Emile Delam deicided to make regular networking event into something a bit more fun—a rally.

And boy, it was fun…There were 20+ cars heading towards race track “Nemuno ziedas” near Kaunas. CHRG Network…

CHRG Network Team together with SPARK CEO Nerijus Dagilis

CHARGE NETWORK signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UAB Ride Share which operates electric car sharing service under brand SPARK.

SPARK operates in Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania and owns 200+ EV fleet and a closed-private network of 70+ EV charging stations.

Partnership is mutually beneficial as SPARK’s network of EV charging stations certain amount of time is under-utilised and company is considering opening its EV charging network to commercial use at certain time slots.

CHRG Network will develop platform integration with SPARK’s EV charging network. …

ceo&co-founder Rokas Danusevicius investor pitch in Singapore

I was very fortunate to be able to represent CHRG Network @ startup acceleration Programme in Singapore which happened on 27 May — 03 June organised by LATTICE80 in collaboration with MITA. We were selected amongst few most promising startups in Lithuania.

This trip turned out to be very successful. …

Gintaras Kuzmickas from CHRG Network (on the right)

We are happy to announce that we were selected to be one of the top three ICO picks in the Nordics & EE region at the Block Forum pitch competition!

Block Forum is a 2-day conference in Vilnius that connects leaders of the industry — from blockchain and crypto experts to businesses, investors, regulators and other industry players. Prominent crypto influencers such as Michael Suppo, Toni Lane Casserly, and Miko Matsumura were speaking at the conference.

Virginijus Sinkevicius, Minister of Economy of the republic of Lithuania and Marius Jurgilas Member of the Board @ Bank of Lithuania were representing local…

Here is an amazing video about the beginning and development of automotive industry. Did you ever know that first electric vehicle was introduced already in 1890?!

Compared to the gas- and steam-powered automobiles at the time, electric cars were quiet, easy to drive and didn’t emit smelly pollutants — quickly became popular with urban residents, especially women.

However, The mass-produced Model T made gas-powered cars widely available and affordable. Model T was priced at 650$ compared to 1750$ for electric car. But more importantly expanding road network allowed people to drive cars between cities. Gasoline became cheap and widely…

Hacking selfie with CHRG Network team — Linas Kuzma and Emile Delam

We have participated @Crypto capital world summit in Vilnius on 25–26th April in Vilnius.

Blockhain/Crypto world is changing very fast, thus it is very important to get latest updates from the best in the industry. Especially when they come to visit you in your city.

Great event and many new acquaintances. I was super happy to meet “old crypto philosophy” people in such events. From the very beginning blockchain was about disruption and decentralization. Good to know that there are still people following the root cause. Super inspiring talk from Tim Draper

Hope to meet all again in next events!

For more about CHRG Network:




Lattice80 Hub in Singapore

Good news! CHRG Network has won a grant to participate in acceleration Programme in Singapore on 27 May — 03 June. Grant was issued by MITA (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, Lithuania)

Acceleration programme — LATTICE80 will provide consultations, training, assistance for business development, partner search services through advanced service delivery tools and techniques.

LATTICE80 is a Singapore headquartered Fintech Hub. LATTICE80 prides itself on creating an ecosystem for fintech startups, corporates/financial institutions, governments, and the public to collaborate, learn, and co-create. The mission of the hub is to help all its stakeholders connect globally.

We hope to find some synergy with local starups and investors.

See you soon in Singapore!

movie (2006) IMDB

Every day I get a lot of questions regarding the roots of my passion for electric vehicles, green movement and CHRG Network. I think that everything started in 2007 when I first saw documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?”. There were two cornerstone ideas which stuck in my mind:

1. Our dependency on oil is harming us health wise, limits momentum of our prospering and creates all kinds havoc in geopolitics.

2. Governments and corporations will not make fast transition to clean energy. They are too much addicted to oil and will protect status quo.

It was very sad to…

CHRG Network

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