Diversity — the numbers don’t add up.

Diversity in the workplace is the elephant in the room in every office. Are we diverse enough?

“We need more women!” shouts a board executive sitting at an oval table.

“Why is diversity such a big deal now?” says the white haired white man to himself.

As a young college student I am always on various company websites, venture capitalists board of directors pages, about pages and the like. One thing that is very clear to me is the true lack of diversity in the marketing field. It’s easier to find Waldo than to find an African-American male in a company picture. It got me to thinking, are there enough African-American bodies to fill this diversity void in so many companies?

The answer simply is no.

Here is a breakdown of the number of African-American males in my fall semester classes(all numbers include myself):

Business Stats: 2. Accounting: 6. Finance: 4. Supply Chain: 1. Buyer Behavior: 2.

In the Department of Polymer Engineering there is only one African-American student. I repeat only one student who is African-American. (see stats here: http://www.uakron.edu/dpe/people/student-demographics.dot)

The reality is that there are not enough African-American males entering college and graduating. 17% of African-American males have a bachelors degree.

I think it’s time companies took a look at diversity a bit differently. The numbers simply just do not match up. Board directors need to take a look at the future of diversity within their company. Invest into the public schools you neighbor, invest into the young diversified generation coming after you.

Unfortunately we can’t just conjure up more African-American male graduates but we can look to the future and make sure we see more African-American graduates.

Diversity can start today, we just may not see it’s effects until later.