Contributor Act of the Month — August

Hey! This is the inaugural post for this new initiative CHUO is taking on, where we choose a contributor act of the month. Since it’s the first we are starting with not one but TWO contributor acts this month!

The Watson Happy Dance

So, there’s this pretty cool contributor by the name of Adrian and he is probably one of the quirkiest, funniest but yet still unbelievably cool, people you could ever meet. He sometimes hosts a Radioactive hour on our airwaves and a couple of weeks ago he scored an interview with none other than our mayor, Jim Watson! When our Radioactive coordinator, Alex, got the email he was so taken aback he said out loud “I think Adrian just got an interview with the Mayor on Friday.” Only two other staff members were present (Nicky and Phil) and naturally they stopped what they were doing to marvel at the news.

“What?! No way” they exclaimed.

But there was a way, the Adrian way! The three staff members sat around and discussed how this interview would be such a great opportunity and promotional tool for the station while also admitting that no other contributor had been quite as bold as Adrian when it came to scoring interviews. When Adrian came into the office to work on his show many a high fives and dances were shared. Be glad you missed out on the dancing.

WILL He or Won’t He?

Whenever you’re reliant on a bunch of perfect computers and top notch radio software you may be met with some unexpected situations, pair that with the fact that radio is super predictable and live shows always go off without a hitch, then you may come across a real f***** up day.

Our contributor Will, host of Radioactive with Will on Thursdays 1–2pm, was met with one of these unwanted situations a couple of weeks ago when our radio automation software started glitching. Now, staff had noticed this issue and was hard at work trying to fix it before the live shows of the day started coming in, but unfortunately the system was not up and running when Will arrived to host his show. Not to worry though, Will didn’t panic, no we’re lying he totally did panic but he made the best of it. He didn’t say screw it and give up on his show that day, he immediately got to work searching for CDs and vinyls that could be played regardless of the system working or not. Will along with staff member Phil scoured our vast physical library and within about 15 minutes and a few in and outs from the on-air studio to the library, Will put together a pretty good show! All this to say, don’t trust technology.