Guitar to Zen: The Music of Gabriel Ayala

by C. Henry Martens

Original painting by C. Henry Martens

In the mad rush of living, the expectations of others crowding my own necessity for calm into oblivion, there are occasional moments that become stretched into… peace. Usually those moments are triggered by… something. A sunrise, the scent of flowers as I walk a muddled path, or occasionally some newly discovered tune that causes me to relax into the comfort of the space I occupy.

In this case, Master Ayala has provided more than a random piece, but instead a plethora of selections that lead me to inner thoughts and an opportunity to contemplate.

I believe all good things begin with the skill involved in selection, and Ayala chooses music from several places, several moods, both well known and obscure. Then he crafts them beneath talented fingertips, using a refined ear and an unrushed pace to leave exquisite notes on the air to become worms in your ear. How a man can take hold of a single note and not bludgeon it into conformity, but instead invite that vibration to caress the soul, is beyond me.

I am a fan.

Experience for yourself…

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