(2) They are so well funded that they don’t build up the necessary muscle to generate revenue. They are so used to the idea that losing $150,000 in burn rate is “fine” because they have a funded company. Most of their attention and behavior is focused on raising their next round instead of building an actual, profitable business.
My Advice for First-Time Entrepreneurs
Gary Vaynerchuk

I call this Capital efficiency. work on getting customers, suppliers to start funding you. One thing is knowing that your startup is going to make it, it is much harder to predict When. So if company A spends (without affecting the quality of product or service) half of company B who play in the same sector company has double the time to figure it out than company B, it’s called having the Luxury of time (Scott Sandell — New Enterprise Associates).

My experience working for a very well funded startup is in the startup ecosystem it’s the other way round, burn, burn burn, then your VC because around the end of 2015, and all 2016 valuations doubled in series A and were up 50% in late stage the message to their portfolio changed 180º: it’s no longer grow grow grow, now it’s grow, but let 30–40% of people go, and your goal now is turn top line revenue, then gross margin and then bottom line, and generate cash. Thats the startups that don’t or get closed or go thru messy down rounds leaving founders with substantially less equity.

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