Speed is one pillar of negotiating that most people miss. I’m stunned by how many people want to nickel and dime until they get to their ideal arrangement, when it’s much easier and more efficient to let some of that money go upfront. Speeding up the process also allows you to close off the chance that the deal will break down because of variables that might get introduced at the time of the negotiation.
The Nuances of Negotiating
Gary Vaynerchuk

Speed is absolutely great for the reasons you state and others, but it depends on the business, but more importantly the way business is done. In the USA everything is about speed, it’s so transactional, I have worked in the USA, after a contract is done an element of relationship is built. it’s exactly the other way round in Africa, it’s driven by earning trust and relationship based negotiation. Ironically, sometimes in Africa following deals have become transactional. Every deal is different, people use BATNA techniques. Spain is different, relationship based, and also differences by region. For example Catalonia Region is relationship based, but they are great traders and much more direct, so more speedy

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