Speeding up the process also allows you to close off the chance that the deal will break down because of variables that might get introduced at the time of the negotiation. It’s way better than continuing the discussion over minutiae and risk losing the deal altogether.
The Nuances of Negotiating
Gary Vaynerchuk

Well the devil is in the details. Speed surely reduces discussion over minutiae. I personally, if I don’t have the luxury of speed, when minutiae enters the negotiation I ask, lets make a quick list of the details that are potential deal breakers. continue on the main points and comeback and see who the minutiae looks. Not so much in Europe but in the USA if there is lawyers in the room (no disrespect I have 2 brothers who are lawyers) but when I worked in the USA, I still do I always tried with our potential partners and clients to have the important business meetings without lawyers and once we agreed on a deal bring them in and if possible each side setting a deadline to their lawyers and even a mandate. Difficult market for B2C sales the US, less the B2B. Online/offline hybrids no idea still an aspiring online persona :)

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