Company of the Month in the issue of “10 Best IoT Solution Providers 2019” by CIO Bulletin

CIO Bulletin
Apr 1, 2019 · 2 min read

GCAC leverages AI and Blockchain to improve patients health and boost cannabis business growth

In the previous decade, cannabis changed from the villain’s grass to a money crop according to the American open. While once-irate old flower children conceitedly state, “we let you know so,” the worldwide weed economy blasts higher than they could’ve envisioned, expected to hit $58.90 billion by 2023. In any case, the shadow of cannabis’ criminalization isn’t past us yet. Truth be told, we presently face a reality where therapeutic cannabis patients have abundant access to a drug, yet little information in regards to how to utilize it. Enter Global Cannabis Applications Corp (GCAC), a Canada-based organization with R&D in Israel and workplaces around the globe, utilizing man-made reasoning, the blockchain, utility tokens, and restorative cannabis-related database and innovations to enhance this issue. Through these roads, they have made the Citizen Green Community which incorporates the Prescriptii Patient-Care Solution, a retailer-tolerant work area/versatile stage. Prescriptii gives torment to strain experiences and suggestions and the Seed2Seed stage which brings the seed to deal with a close circle with input seed-to-deal to-seed. The stage totals information from the two patients and clinicians and prescribes ideal treatment alternatives to patients.

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