Day 10

Split squad today. Gabriel and Amelia are up with the sun.

Today is a continuation of the week’s theme: Threshold without Thousands. The workout: The Georgetown. The workout’s origins date back to Coach Frank Gagliano’s days in DC. You can hear a little more about them in this podcast by Jay Johnson with Mike Blackmore (well, I think you can — it’s been a while).

The specifics: 400s run in lane 8 (aka Layne van Niekirk) at “fast threshold/10k effort. Jog stagger for recovery.

As we set out the eastern horizon is swaddled in pinks but by the time we are making our circuits of the oval, they have turned grey. Mid-D joins us on the track. Their motive evidently is to avoid working out in the wind and potential rain the afternoon has on offer…as if we won’t have to compete in worse.

Gabriel completes 12 laps at 1:40. Amelia one less lap. The moral of the morning workout comes to us courtesy of Norman Maclean:

By afternoon the winds are indeed swirling but the rains have held off and all things considered, it still is quite mild for February in Iowa. Regardless, the weather can’t be changed, however, our perceptions of it can. Whether (har har) choose to look at it as an obstacle or an opportunity is up to us.

We are down to a group of five after warmup with both Brownie and Pheebes fighting bugs. It takes the front three a mile to settle into things but they start clicking off the laps with the regularity of a Swiss watch: 94.5/94.9/94.1/94.x/93.8/94.x/93.8/94.0.

Julia and Mollie zero in on 1:45s and complete 10 and 11 laps respectively.

Core 3 x 8 of Pillar I and Wall Stretch close out the day. Except for us coaches — we’ve got the parent meeting at six (and to be fair A & A have an orchestra concert to get to).

I’ve said before — and I’ll say it again — this is the only slide I would use at a parent meeting: