Day 13

We are a dirty half dozen today — thanks to Preucil (Annie and Phoebe) and illness (G💰). That’s not a bad thing though: since we are on the low side of the quantity spectrum we are trying to really ratchet up the quality side of things. It’s easier to focus with a squad versus a crowd.

And speaking of focus, it’s Mindful Monday (courtesy Ryan Holiday )

Today’s workout: 16 minute warmup, Top of the Head Drills, Hill Sprints, Coach Rad’s HMD, Pedestal I 2 x 12 (there’s a strong Coach Rad influence today — must be doing something right).

Because of the quantity/quality ratio we incorporate the ICE score today. ICE was develop by Coach Rad’s buddy, Vern Gambetta and stands for

  • Intensity
  • Concentration
  • Effort

While the rest of the girls are doing hill sprints, Mollie practices three-command starts on the track. She will be the first member of the D-Crew to lace up her spikes this year, getting things going in the open 400 at Rocky tomorrow.

Core on the Turf and the girls are off to Noodle House and fake team dinner/Mac Monday.

(🎥 courtesy aWElia)

Total mileage ~2.25