Day 24

Expectorate Greatness

Nothing says spring break in Iowa like a “feels like” temp of 11 degrees. There is plenty of parking to be found along College Street and despite the hardy bluebells and even the flash of forsythia it feels a lot more like January than it does March.

And while the students had are mostly gone, they are by no means forgotten. Here and there they have left mementos of their last night on the town. That being said, we are leaving our own trail of phlegm and snot rockets as we dropped down from the Pentacrest, cross the Union Footbridge and run up the river to City Park.

Today’s workout 2 x 10 minute LT + 4 x :30 fun. All as continuous as possible to mimic our normal long run as much as possible. We follow the Run for Relief route (which is thankfully free of goose grease but also lacks any eagles) out of the park and into Mosquito Flats, looping round Rocky Shore back to whence we came.

The long intervals provide a perfect proving ground to pit the chimp of our limbic system (Conserve energy! You might have to run from a lion!) against the drives (intrinsic and extrinsic) of the frontal lope.

By the time we finish with the threshold Loogie the Little Hawk’s (aka Anna) face is covered in snot. Emily has been the rock (star) that has allowed her to transform herself from a 19:58 4K kid as a frosh to a 19:02 5k, Top-20-in-the-State, Team MVR (and mom) as a senior. Annie is nurses a little soreness in her calf that is hopefully nothing more than the residual effects of Thursday’s spikes and tight turns. And Julia finishes the 8/4/8 she ran solo looking like she eats Threshold for breakfast. She also sets her completes her longest run to date at nine miles today.

(Did I mention we were small in numbers today?)

Back at school we reunite with Pheebs who has put in three miles on the road before doing her own Threshold on the bike. Two rotations in the weight room and then it is bagels for all! The coaches have been provident and with our smaller numbers there are plenty to go around today.

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