Day 3


Most seasons we would pry consider today to be balmy, but this week a “feels like” temp in the mid-30s is a tad on the fresh side of things.

Today we recognize the three girls who put in over 300 miles this winter. While it first blush it might seem strange to focus on individuals on a day we emphasize the We over the Me these are the girls who put aside the Me of “I don’t feel like it,” of “I don’t like running in this kind of weather,” of “I’ve got cramps.” Who, while wanting to be the best they can be, chose not to labor in solitude but in sorority.

And that’s no small choice. It’s easy to view our sport through the prism of an exercise in solitude/solitude in exercise. Novels have been written on this subject.

But if there is any value to be extracted from what Bill Bowerman termed an “absurd pastime” it is from the experience of committing yourself to an endeavor that is greater than your self, the people you undertake that journey with, and where the journey takes you.

It’s about the crappy days as well as the good. The ice-lashes earned in December blizzards, the 40 degree days in April when its starts raining the first mile of the long run and six miles later you all wordlessly decide to “screw this ish” and tempo the 3 miles home. The death slogs of an Iowa August, the repeat 400s where the only thing keeping you from slowing down is the girl next to you.

In the end these are the memories you will treasure more than any trophy or PR.


  • Lunges
  • Inkas
  • Strides
  • Rope stretch

Total miles 3