Day 44

I’ve got a training that lasts till 4:30 today so the girls get the choice: practice in the AM or OYO in the PM. They choose the former.

We are in our biggest block of training since our pre-comp phase. Most of the girls haven’t laced up their spikes — in anger — in a week. Nor will they till Friday. It’s a nice stretch for us to focus on honing our craft without the distraction of competition. Still, we want to make sure we are riding and shining (even if a petulant sun refuses to do so) — and not succumbing to the “rise and grind” mentality.

And so, a little levity is called for.

After a 20 minute shakeout we head down to the track for some speed development.

The warmup: tag. First go round — walk only progressing to skipping and finishing with walking with a three step acceleration to escape “danger”.

Once we are limbered up we play a few rounds of “wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing”. Two sheep walk down the track. The second sheep follows three strides behind the first. When suddenly the first “sheep” turns tearing off its fleece revealing her true lupine nature. They race to the finish line. If the sheep makes it back to the finish line without getting tag they are safe. If not…it is lamb chops for breakfast.

Total miles < 2.75

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