Day 66

Another three-(to four) ring circus today. Emily and Anna head off on Oregon Trail for a long run. After last week’s hills they are entitled so some flat miles.

Oregon Trail (this week) above, Camp Cardinal (last week) below.

The rest of the girls hit the track for a variety of workouts:

  • Annie: 20 minute progressive warmup (10 EZ 5 steady 5 LT) 4 x 200 w/ 100 over hurdles (alternating which 100 is flat). 300 over hurdles. Lucy gives her some tips for setting up over the 7th hurdle and she (Annie) ends the workout feeling fast and begging for more — a good place to end!
  • Julia and Amelia: 3 x 400/300/200 @ 3k/1500/800. This is the last substantial workout for these two. After this the hay is in the barn! Julia jumps in with Mollie and Gabriel on their last four for an AUG three. After giving them a three-second head start she’s able to run down Mollie but Gabriel just holds her off.
  • Gabriel and Mollie: 4 x 400 @ 95 w/ :30 4 x 400 @ 88–90 2 x 400/300 in 80/60.
  • Brownie: 4 x 400 @ 95 w/ Mollie and Gabriel to start. Then, 5 x 300 in ~60 followed by 4 x 150 at 800 effort.

The long run duo heads upstairs to lift (3 sets). Everyone else does a ten-minute cooldown and then lifts (2 sets).

Meanwhile, the boys end up finishing fifth in the 4x800! Nice work, lads!

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