Day 7


The weather today begs a track workout: mid-50s with an on-again, off-again drizzle. It’s my favorite weather to circle the track in. The light mist in the air just enough to furrow your brow, an unconscious cue to refine your focus (also to keep you “awake”, or “alive” as other runners have put it in the past). The rain on the track reborn as it arches off of the shoes of the runner in front of you.

But we are at only at 33% strength today so puddle splashing on the sidewalks will have to suffice. MIA are Emily (College), Bridget & Julia (Skiing), Phoebe & Amelia (sick), and Annalise (Preucil). So it is just Mollie, Gabriel and Anna who head out into the mists today. And by the time we reach the Rec Building it is only Anna who remains (Gabriel having turned at the River in her first run back from some ITB pain, and Mollie at Hawkins Drive). But not before we run into our Friends From Across the River.

We bumped into them headed home as well. Waiting at the light below the Old Cap. A couple of the boys are waiting a the light as well. They are double dog dared to see if they can get some digits but by the time the lights change the boys are already darting across the cross walk.

Strides on the turf back at City. Then hurdle overs and core in the Plyo Room. By the time we leave we have acquired a fine patina of dust that clings to our still damp bodies. Or, as Anna puts it, “I’m crusty.”

Total miles = 5.75

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