Day 79

Hay meet Barn

I’m not much of a fan of the taper anymore. From a solely symbolic perspective I prefer the idea of building to a peak. From a more practical standpoint I don’t know how many times I listened to the “taper” speech before I started to question just why we wanted to throw the body off its homeostasis. Especially when we have expected the body to achieve at a high level under those conditions for the past…well, 78 days.

In my coaching philosophy I’ve become less and less enamored with magic feather, and while tapering isn’t exactly voodoo I don’t like selling the girls on this mystical process that will magically produce PRs. The magic is in the day to day.

Via Brad Stulberg and steve magness

The Job may not save you but it’s possible The Work will.

Today’s work entails:

  • Emily (w/ Bridget): 600 @ 3k, mile threshold, 2 x 200
  • Anna (w/ Julia): 400 @ 1500, mile threshold, 2 x 150 @ :17/100m
  • Gabriel (w/ Mollie): 300 @ 800, 2 x 1200 threshold, 2 x 200 in :36

The idea is to “get into” their individual races w/ the first interval, to focus on form and mechanics and all the other little things during the threshold, and to end feeling crisp.

Of course, given the blue collar altitude (aka humidity) and heat we are experiencing, “crisp” is a relative term. All the workout happens under the eyes of The Godfather with Bud idling in the Pontiac, windows down, AC going.

Up in the weight room: one rep, one chance, all eyes upon you.

— Oh, so like a race? ask Anna.

— Yep, like a race.

Of course humor finds a way to interject itself.

Hydrate and stretch at home.

Two days to go!

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