Hillary Clinton ain’t got no hot sauce in her bag

Beyonce is known to carry hot sauce in her givenchy bag and embracing the swag that comes with it, but now, Hillary Clinton is trying to steal her bag. And her sauce. And her swag.

In an interview with the Breakfast Club, the former Secretary of State was asked a simple question. A question, that unless you try to hard to answer, there’s no right or wrong and there’s no way to screw it up.

However, leave it to Hillary Rodham Clinton to find a way...

When asked by one of the co-hosts, what do you always carry with you, Clinton replied “hot sauce”.

Due to the fact that watermelon was clearly not on the table and grape soda may have been a stretch, Mrs. Clinton settled on hot sauce. 

Yes, America, hot sauce. 

In her latest failed attempt to connect with black voters, just a day before the crucial New York primary, Hillary Clinton earned the ire of black Twitter. 

@Kujawski_ tweeted “yeah and lies, hot sauce my ass she probably carries ranch packets let’s be real”

@BaldHeadSlade also expressed skepticism, accusing Clinton of carrying “mayonnaise packs and crackers”. 

Throughout the course of her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has actively sought to engage the black community within her campaign. However, she has sometimes resorted, to what some would call, outrageous, demeaning, and inexcusable pandering.

For example, late last year, the Clinton campaign changed the avatar of the Secretary’s Twitter account in an attempt to commemorate Kwanzaa. Hillary Clinton was immediately slammed by the black community and accused of pandering instead of engaging.

A similar incident occurred in early December of last year with Mashable reporting that the latest pro-black logo of the campaign, honoring Rosa Parks historic act of civil disobedience, put the late civil rights activist in the back of the bus.


This doesn’t include Hillary Clinton’s horrid attempt to whip and nae-nae on the Ellen show but I’ll save you the agony by not linking to it - largely because I’m a good person.

As Clinton continuously flops to attract young, black voters to her campaign, one would hope that she would eventually start to question her approach. 

Maybe instead of talking about Formation, let’s talk about the 1994 crime bill and why Bill Clinton is still defending it. The reality is that due to this disastrous policy, scores of black fathers, mothers, and friends were sent to prison for nonviolent offenses. So assumingly, if President Clinton is still defending this legislation, there seems to be a disconnect.

I want you to walk me through that disconnect.

Instead of embarrassing ourselves on national television, attempting to whip ourselves to the White House, let’s have a legitimate coversation about police brutality and systemic racism.

While Hillary Clinton may not have hot sauce in her bag, she has potential. She has the potential to address the issues of black America with policy. She has the potential to break the shackles of structural racism and fight for real equality. 

Hot sauce doesn’t teach you our school. Real conversations, with real people of color, will. 

I’m not going to be overly critical - this could’ve been worse.

At least she didn’t tell us about her good friend Young Metro.