CryptoHoopla predict 50% rise in Cardano price in next 4 months

CryptoHoopla: Cardano Report (ADA)

Exchange Coverage: Strong

Management team: Strong

Hype Factor: Increasing

Market Cap at time of writing: $731,420,809

Price at time of writing: $0.028211

Outlook: $0.041 within the next 4 months

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Overall Sentiment: Bullish

  • Strong and accessible management team with existing credibility in the crypto-currency space
  • Clear value proposition with realistic and rational arguments for future usage.
  • More likely to be embraced by governments and regulators than other alt-coins.

Cardano at a glance:

  1. Cardano is a blockchain with the ability to provide a platform for developers to build apps that can act as a ledger for payment systems, property rights, identity, credit and risk protection.
  2. Cardano has been developed off the back of peer-reviewed research and a strong network of partnerships between the world’s best universities.
  3. IOHK is developing Cardano. IOHK have an incredibly solid team of scientists, academics and researchers who are building the technology behind Cardano. The reputation of IOHK has been broadcasted by the likes of Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider and the FT amongst other high-end publishers.
  4. In partnership with IOHK, there are two other companies looking to push Cardano’s agenda. The Cardano Foundation aims to work with government bodies and regulators to increase mainstream adoption of Cardano, and Emurgo is helping and developing startups that utilize the Cardano blockchain.

‘Cardano Coin’ Google Search Trend (12 month):


Technical Analysis:

Technical Analysis Commentary:

As Cardano only ICO’d on September 30th 2017, there is not a lot of trend history to go off, and at first glance it looks like the coin is finding its ‘foundation support’ level at around its current trading level of ~$0.282 (BTC 0.00000346). MACD is currently converging which signals there’s likely to be a change in trend but considering the convergence has lasted about a week we’re unlikely to see a strong break out. RSI is trending towards oversold territory but again, isn’t giving us a lot to work with. Based off this chart, it would appear that fundamentals will be the main catalyst for any strong movements in the near future.

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