How Liferay Analytics Cloud designers prepared for a second year design leap

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User: Click, click *long pause* click? click?

Me: Anxiety level = Maximum

I wish I had more time to finish this feature.

Ugh the requirements weren’t comprehensive enough.

I thought QA, ran through it with no issues…

We didn’t test this?!

Product teams are almost always constrained by tight timelines…

During my first year at Liferay, I had the pleasure of contributing to taking Analytics Cloud from an idea to reality.

During this period, we’ve had anywhere between 3 to 8 designers at various design stages attending brainstorming sessions, providing countless comments over Invision and Figma, and at times flying…

How often as designers do we feel under appreciated for our blood, sweat and tears poured in to a design? If your professional experience has been anything like mine, it’s all the damn time.

“I stayed up til 2 am yesterday perfecting that mockup… WTF do you mean let’s revisit…

Chris Jeong

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