Marble vs. Marble Style Laminate

The option of marble flooring in Malta has always been considered as one of the most prestigious options one can go for. It can be argued that marble is a preferred option in Malta since it has always been used in churches and prestigious buildings. History has influenced people into desiring to have that same level of prestige in their own homes. It is a natural product that is extremely impressive even in plain white, but is also available in a stunning choice of colours.

Whilst marble is arguably one of the most desired types of flooring in the Maltese Islands there are many considerations when selecting marble as a flooring option.


The first thing that comes to mind when considering marble as a flooring option is opulence. Opulence of course comes at a cost and even lower end marble has a considerably high cost per square meter. Installation does require skilled labor and also adds to the overall cost.

Marble stands out for its translucence and aesthetically it is quite unique. Whilst the look itself can be replicated using a laminate or alternate methods there are a few features that simply cannot be easily replicated; among them is the underfoot feel of marble.

Marble is a natural stone it is not easy to repair if it is cracked or chipped. It can also be considered a hazard as it is extremely slippery when polished. Marble is also considerably porous which results in it being prone to stains.

There are steps one can take to give the marble some added protection by using special sealants, however the sealants do change the feel and aesthetic slightly.

A further consideration when choosing a marble floor will be dolomitic marbles calcite marble; calcite marble is extremely sensitive to even dilute acids whereas dolomitic marble is much more resistant to acid attack.

Marble Style Laminate

Aesthetically marble style laminates can be a good alternative if you are looking to get as close as possible to real marble. With that noted however it is important to acknowledge that laminates simply cannot provide the exact same aesthetic and feel that real marble does.

What laminates do achieve however is a much more affordable, durable and low maintenance option that is considerably similar from a visual standpoint. 
Laminate flooring is highly resistant to stains, much less likely to chip, easier to replace and requires practically no maintenance. Some laminate brands provide a 25-year guarantee on a wide range of their laminates that include faux marble style laminates.

Laminates are quick and easy to install, some brands also feature a quick click installation system. This system is efficient since the laminates are securely fit together, to make sure water does not seep through between one plank and another.

As opposed to the damages one can have on marble flooring both from acids as well as general stains, chips and scratches some laminate floors come with a ‘Scratch Guard’ layer.

Conclusions — Marble vs Marble Style Laminate

Marble increases a home’s value, is unique and opulent. If you can afford marble and can also afford to maintain and replace if necessary; then maybe marble is the right choice for your household.

If you have young children, pets and are generally likely to spill your Merlot but you still want the marble style aesthetic then you are better off with a laminate floor.

It is important to note that if cost is removed from consideration deciding between marble and marble style laminates will come down to the trade off of durability versus status symbol.

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