Smith Bros Oil is IPOP Network’s latest digital sales and marketing client and we are excited!

Smith Bros distribute Mannol Oils and whilst this might not mean much to you, it means a lot to us. There are a few reasons it matters to us but most important of all: as far as oils go Mannol is pretty eco friendly and high quality.

As sales and marketing specialists we love having a product with a differentiating factor, especially when it comes alongside pricing which is lower than that of competing products. When it comes to commodities like oils, a price advantage is a big thing.

Having all the necessary certifications, a price advantage and being eco friendly means we get to be the nice guys! We don’t have to search hard to figure out what’s in it for our customers.

The industries Smith Bros Oil sell into are also pretty awesome, they don’t just sell standard motor oil for practically every car brand in the US Market with relevant OEM certifications from the Auto Maker’s themselves but also Marine, Industrial, Motorbikes, Quads, Snowmobiles, Agricultural and so much more.

As if the oils and lubricants weren’t enough to get our sales gears all oiled up, they also bring in a wide variety of car care products, tools and specialized parts.

If you are interested in becoming a sub-distributor or in need of any of the products supplied by Smith Bros we would be more than happy to facilitate the procurement; alternatively you can visit their website directly at

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