A Horrifying Practice

This article gave me chills down my spine. It’s frightening to think females face this sort of discrimination in 2015 (almost 2016). We’ve made giant strides, and yet, in some circumstances, we’re not taken as seriously as our male counterpart. Why? Especially with something like this, one would think we’d be taken even more seriously than a man. We give birth to children, for crying out loud! We bleed almost a week out of every month. I’d say we’re tougher than nails.

So, why is it that we have to “prove” that there’s actually something wrong? What is it that happened that made healthcare professionals think we’re wimps or not worthy of their attention? Are there more female addicts out there than male? Do we cry “wolf” more often? I’d like to see what it is that makes people think we’re so pathetic.

This particular subject is so sore with me because it hits so close to home. My whole life I’ve suffered some sort of physical pain, and so has my mom. I’ve learned to stuff a sock in it, because frankly, no one wants to hear me bitch about it. People hate hearing how much pain you’re in. That’s just the nature of the beast. Some people don’t really have sympathy. Some people do, but because they can’t do anything to help you, it frustrates them to hear you whine about it. It took some time to learn this, but now I know.

Just because I’m quiet about it, doesn’t mean I’m great at hiding my facial expressions. People can see when I’m grimacing. They’ll always be able to tell when I’m actually in pain. That’s why I’m amused by the fact that these “healthcare professionals” aren’t giving patients the time of day. If someone is truly in pain, it’s etched in their face. Their body language will reveal it all. You won’t have to ask them “on a scale of one to ten” because their squirming and white knuckles will tell it all. Healthcare today is a damn joke.

Doctors need to spend more than thirty seconds with their patients and quit pawning them off on other doctors. That’s what it boils down to. There’s far too many specialties out there, and doctors are focusing in on one branch of medicine instead of the entire human body. While I realize that specialties need to exist, that there’s a reason for it, I think they’ve gotten far too carried away with the specialty business. If I have a headache, my endocrinologist shouldn’t feel the need to send me to a neurologist right away.

Yes, I’m probably rambling again. But for good reason. I’m tired of feeling like I’m getting absolutely nowhere with doctors who know nothing. What makes it worse is when they feel my pain isn’t as important as a man’s. You know what? Break my arm and then break a man’s arm and see who bitches first.

“A woman’s strength isn’t just about how much she can handle before she breaks, it’s also about how much she must handle after she’s broken.”

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