The Emotional Life Of The Entrepreneur

When you prepare for life as an entrepreneur you face the obvious — yes, you’re going to need to work hard, really hard. And yes, you’ll likely earn very little (or nothing whilst you get started). These are the obvious things and you were likely prepared.

But did you prepare for the emotional tax? The cliche of the roller-coaster as you go from thinking you can see your way to world domination to concerns of not losing a key customer or about meeting payroll.


The reality is that your role as an entrepreneurial leader is to make others (employees, customers, investors, the rest of the world) believe that your product and team can deliver against the odds with a market-changing company.

As one startup CEO commented to me last week, “I’ve worked this hard before but I just didn’t realize how emotional this would be”.

Belief is your currency as an entrepreneur

Most of your time is spent making sure everyone is OK, you give very little time to yourself and there are few people to pick you up during moments of doubt . Don’t underestimate how exhausting it is to keep everyone else ‘up and positive.’

Add to that the obvious — the sales that didn’t happen, the partnerships that fell through, the critical comments and continual series of ‘no’ from investors. Some leaders seek solace in meditation or exercise whilst others have trusted advisors and mentors.

It really doesn’t matter, but just realize that controlling your emotions is one of the often unspoken attributes of success.

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